Nehruvian y(ears), Ruskin Eyes –

Ashish Kumar Pathak

Those years were
rather peaceful years
a lot happened
in those years
Dams were built
Year plans were made
Cities were planned
Institutions built in front
of common eyes
People found themselves
growing up
Communities lived in love
Societies got evolved
People going abroad
wanted coming back
People had emotional attachment
to people, peace and soil
Petrols were in paise
Serving in army was
a pious, decent and respectable career
but to shock of my mother
I wanted to be a writer
and under him it was easier
to just ease into india🇮🇳
to make home here
he could understand
or rather wanted to understand
mind of poor, destitute or rich
Even a foreigner
rather lots of foreigners wanted
to become indian again
I also became an Indian again
not just by birth
but also by choice
Times have changed
we have also changed
But his birthday reminds
Every child is unique and iconic
in his or her own special way.

Ashish kumar pathak
Assistant teacher
Middle school Sarha

(This is a tribute to Nehru by Ruskin Bond through my ✒pen)

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