Lincoln’s Letter to his son’s Teacher – Ashish K Pathak

Dear sir, all men are not impartial
and not everyone speaks truth
Surely my Son will learn this sometime;
Kindly teach him that if there are bad persons
there are righteous people as well;
If there are Selfish politicians
there are patriots as well;
Teach him that if there are enemies
then there are friends as well;
I know he will take time
but then he has time;
If possible, teach him that money earned through hard work is valuable
than money earned by freaking or luck;
Teach him that Defeat is part of life and it’s a lesson
also to be calm and collective in victory;
If possible keep him away from anger and hatred
Teach him to face problems of life with smile
and how scoundrels lose final battle;
If possible, take him to the fascinating world of books
because they are human’s best friend
and also teach him to admire beauty of nature🌿🍃;
Birds flying freely in the sky
and 🐝Bees humming in the Golden Sunlight
Laughter of wild flowers🌸🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼💐 at the slopes
is any student’s delight;
Teach him, it’s better to fail
than pass through cheating
because life will easily cheat thereafter;
Even if everyone calls him wrong
he should stay internally strong;
He should be nice with nice
and be befitting with scoundrels;
When everyone is having Sheep’s 👣walk
he should gather courage to create another path;
Teach him to be a great listner
because a great listener becomes a great learner
and also inculcate value of accepting only truth and good;
If possible, teach him to smile in sadness
and also crying at appropriate time isn’t anyway shameful;
Beware him of sycophants;
Teach him to earn through strength of his body
and also have in him strength to be in the side of the truth away from crowd;
He should learn a lot about strength of a body and mind
but never sell his soul and faith using them;
He should have courage to stand for truth;
Teach him such lessons of immense faith in mankind
So that he becomes a Man who is kind;
By the way I ended up writing a lot in my letter
So please see what is possible to do;
Well, my son is very sweet and good boy
and you are man of intelligence and wisdom
Together you can work wonders

Poem written by
Ashish K Pathak
Assistant Teacher
Middle school Sarha

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